Why purpose matters

Identifying and evangelizing your company’s ‘Why’ is at the core of marketing in the 21st century. Why are you in business? Why are you worth buying from? Why are you worth working for? Today’s ‘why’ needs to go beyond revenue projections and stock prices. It needs to be relevant, significant, and most importantly, authentic.


Your company’s Why – its brand promise and articulated story – is what separates you from the pack. And as people are becoming increasingly sensitive to whom their dollars are going to, purpose matters.

The business case

Thousands of corporations (Read more) who prioritize purpose improve their profitability and increase employee loyalty and retention. Shared and well-communicated corporate visions increase satisfaction with employees and customers alike, improving their confidence in the financial health of a company, its future growth potential, and longevity in the marketplace.

Building brand ambassadors

Purpose converts audiences into advocates for your product or service. These advocates, whether they are customers or staff, spread your message, becoming de facto brand ambassadors through various communication touch points. And in our Yelp-oriented world, these ambassadors aren’t just a bonus – they’re a necessity.

Purpose also provides a point of differentiation in an increasingly homogeneous world. Differentiation leads to brand loyalty… which leads to a better bottom line for you. And as countless gurus have pointed out, whoever wins the War for Talent will dominate the coming decades.

The bottom line

Purpose isn’t an “or” when it comes to profit. It’s a proven way to connect, engage, and inspire the audiences you care about, to care about you. Whether you’ve identified your purpose – but need it better communicated – or you don’t know where to start, we’re ready to get down to the hard work of building your brand.

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