Content Marketing

More than three million blogs and a countless number of social media posts are published every day.

Every. Day.

Standing out is essential. At TeamWorks, we know how to get your content in front of the people who matter to you.

With our award-winning team of writers, editors, video producers, social strategists and content experts behind you, you can trust your message will be seen by the audiences you’re looking for (and who are looking for you).

What we do

Content strategy

  • For some philosophy, check out TeamWorks’ VP/Creative Director Katie Fetting’s entertaining take.

Audience segmentation and research

  • Persona development
  • Content SWOT
  • Asset audit
  • Strategic planning/roadmap

Editorial services

  • Custom written and visual content creation (blog posts, interviews, whitepapers, videos, infographics, etc.)
  • Editing
  • Managing a team of freelance contributors
  • Publishing content on your platforms

Content Promotion

  • Earned media – by building a relationship with influencers and reputable media outlets, we get your message shared through earned media, the most trusted source of information.
    • Influencer outreach – Working with influencers to share your content within their social networks.
    • Media outreach – News coverage on trusted media outlets.
    • Content syndication – Republishing articles from your own website on a new outlet.
    • Authored articles – Furthering your brand’s voice by publishing your original work on new outlets.
  • Paid media
    • Sponsored Articles – Publishing articles authored by your brand on selected media outlets’ sites.
    • Paid Social Promotion – Grow the reach of your content through highly-targeted social media promotion. Due to increasingly complex social media algorithms, organic content is now only seen by a small percentage of your audience without some type of paid promotion.
  • Owned channels
    • We help you effectively distribute your content through your brand’s owned channels: your website, company newsletters, social channels, etc.

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