Big Ten Network

Creating an engaged community through social good


Launched in 2007, The Big Ten Network is the official television network for the Big Ten Conference.

Business Challenge

The Big Ten Network has a variety of disparate yet equally important audiences. In order to connect these audiences and showcase the greater impact of the Big Ten Conference, they needed university programming that would transcend individual universities and their affiliated athletic programs.


BTN LiveBIG was created to bring the socially impactful works of Big Ten universities to audiences beyond Big Ten campuses, providing opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

TeamWorks launched a cross-platform campaign; it started out as a television program, then expanded to digital and social platforms in the 2013-2014 season. Three years later, this is what BTN Live Big looks like:

TeamWorks creates and manages all aspects of the year-round campaign, including:

  • BTN LiveBIG vignettes airing on the Big Ten Network during highly-trafficked football, basketball, and other collegiate sports, showcasing inspiring and impactful stories off the field
  • An online community, featuring daily original articles profiling students, faculty, and alumni who are making a positive dent in the world hosted at
  • Content promotion through BTN LiveBIG social channels and directly to the organizations most impacted by the work being done at Big Ten universities



BTN LiveBIG continues to grow and reaches audiences within and outside the Big Ten community with original and impactful storytelling. In 2016, we refreshed how the campaign looked on TV and digital and expanded both how we tell our stories and where.

On the television side, we created a fresh look, complete with a new motion graphics package, including university-specific opens and branded elements.

For digital, we changed the cadence, format, and platform of our stories, increasing the number of videos we post on Facebook and Instagram. These changes significantly increased our social media reach and engagement, which is crucial for our audience which increasingly consumes content only “on-platform.”

  • BTN LiveBIG vignettes airing on the Big Ten Network and other major networks created 78.7 million impressions
  • Audiences exposed to BTN LiveBIG social media content reached 1.7 million
  • BTN LiveBIG social media impressions rose 60% and engagements rose 270%
  • Hundreds of satisfied profile story subjects shared the emotionally engaging stories online, further magnifying the effects above

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