About Jessica

It took Jessica 20 minutes to write this bio and about 15 minutes of that was dedicated to this first line. Needless to say, she hates talking about herself, especially in the third person.

Jessica specializes in visual storytelling, a craft she has been honing since 2004 when she started at TeamWorks as an intern. Using a thoughtful mix of compelling images, fascinating audio and the written word she uses the power of visual media to tap into the emotional core of a story.

Jessica’s compassionate style puts her interview subjects at ease allowing for their story to be told in a true and authentic way. Her clear and (mostly) friendly method of communication leads and inspires a crew to not only have fun on the job but also bring home beautiful, purposeful work.

Jessica’s recent clients include the Big Ten Network, Big Ten Conference and Northwestern University.

In today’s age of views, shares and comments Jessica’s most powerful gauge of success is hearing from the people or communities she profiles. Her brightest smiles come when she hears that one of her pieces made a difference in someone’s life or inspired someone to act or think.

Jessica is a fan of the Packers but not die-hard, just enough to annoy some Chicago residents. She used to compete in target shooting and she currently enjoys golfing and early/lazy mornings with lots of coffee. She is not to be confused with a 70-year old retiree.