About Katie

Katie likes to think she has the work ethic of Courier, the classic polish of Garamond and the impact of… well, Impact.

Katie is TeamWorks’ Vice President, Creative Director and whiles away her days generating on-brand, attention-getting ideas for clients.

Her expertise includes digital media, content strategy, creative development, video production, scriptwriting, social media content creation, graphic design, art direction and branding techniques (particularly those of a certain notable pop star).

Katie’s recent clients include Big Ten Conference, Big Ten Network and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association. Prior to working at TeamWorks, she was the screenwriter responsible for such movies as Method, starring Elizabeth Hurley, and Homecoming, starring Mischa Barton.

When she’s not working, you can find Katie cooking (sometimes successfully), changing scads of diapers or conversing with strangers about politics, literature or the subject at the center of that Venn diagram: Game of Thrones.