About Mike

Mike is usually quiet because he wants to hear what you have to say.

When you see “Mike B” at TeamWorks, it is usually the back of his head, which makes sense because he’s usually all ears. If Mike is in the same room, you can guarantee he is listening, because he believes that when you are collaborating on a great story, everyone has a say.

His expertise is mixing music, visuals and sound to create enjoyable, informative and entertaining work from our editing suite. He will tell stories about a plane, he will tell stories about a train. He will take videos from here and he will take videos from there.

Some of his recent work for TeamWorks includes the LiveBIG campaign for the Big Ten Network, the Faces campaign for the Big Ten Conference and some stories for La Vida Baseball.

He was born and raised in Illinois, attended Illinois State University, met and married his wife in Illinois, had his kids in Illinois and will probably retire in Arizona so he can still see the Cubs play.


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