About Scott

Scott often speaks in paragraphs, even when a sentence or two will do.

At TeamWorks, he tells compelling stories as part of the Big Ten Network’s LiveBIG campaign, manages product development for La Vida Baseball and cracks jokes during the boring parts of meetings.

In the office, he’s usually brought in whenever there’s a discussion happening about digital content strategy, optimizing content for social media, web and social data analytics or the elusive white whale of the internet: content monetization.

Whether as a journalist or content marketer, Scott has spent his entire creative career finding just the right words, images and spaces to reveal the truth, entertain a reader or create something useful. In that time, he’s worked at magazines like Time Out Chicago and Chicago magazine (he really loves this city), a video news startup called Touchvision and even had a brief stint at Playboy.com where he was literally paid to get you to read the articles. In his agency life, he’s created strategic content for everything from SC Johnson’s Scrubbing Bubbles to Maui Jim sunglasses to Heinz Ketchup.

Outside of TeamWorks, Scott runs a storytelling series called The Frunchroom, which features stories about the South Side of Chicago, which is where he lives with his wife and daughter and volunteers on some community development boards.

We told him he couldn’t write any more than six paragraphs for his bio and they had to be short ones.