Along with everything else it’s affecting, Corona is changing the media landscape in real-time. Brands, celebrities and media entities are going live from home bringing content to their fans directly. At TeamWorks Media, we believe that brands who act like media companies will win the long-game, and now we’re all seeing what that looks like.

While we all work from home for a while, we rounded up our latest episodes of Brand Story Inc. for your listening pleasure. These episodes feature conversations with some of the smartest people in the media landscape and their insights on how “every company can be a media company.”

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Brand Story Inc. Podcast Roundup

Storified Hospitality Group – David Beebe

“I actually think that small businesses have the biggest opportunity in this space, but they need to think differently. I’m talking small.”

Northwestern University Athletics – Paul Kennedy

“We might be fortunate enough to get a unique angle of a great play, but where we differentiate is that we’re the only people allowed in the locker room. We’re the only people on the bus. We’re the only people in the hotel…And we’re doing it 100%, from the creative to the production to the editing to the distribution all in-house.”

Strategic Communications Consultant, Columbia University Lecturer – Joe Favorito

“If you think of anybody within a sport, or it doesn’t have to be in sports, but any individual on Facebook, just using that platform, who has a substantial media following, right? Half a million, a million followers. Whatever it may be, it’s really kind of almost a modern-day cable affiliate, right?”

The Business of Content host – Simon Owens

“With a  really good brand content strategy, you’re basically trying to mimic what mainstream media is doing. You’re basically trying to create your own version of The New York Times or The Atlantic or name your favorite film studio or radio lab or This American Life. You are, first and foremost, trying to create a piece of entertainment.”

Michigan State University – Heather Swain

“I think one of our biggest challenges that we continue to face is that earned media seems to have such an outsized place in the minds of our leaders.”

Origin Investments – Michael Episcope

“Okay, we’re going to do a third of our budget in advertising, a third in PR, and a third of content. And I, personally, think that’s a huge mistake. And I think it because if you do a third, a third, a third, you’re going to be number 87 in every category in that business. And so you have to figure out where you can win.”

And to me, content is the place where you can win.

Comscore – TK Gore

“Sometimes, I’m still amazed that there is still the separation of linear TV and digital at the agency level.”

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