Today on Brand Story, Inc., we welcome Ben DeJesus, President of the NGL (New Generation Latino) Collective. Ben joins us to discuss the modern-day approach to content studios and diversifying media.

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Ben DeJesus on Brand Story, Inc.


Ben DeJesus joins Brand Story, Inc. today to discuss a number of important and evolving topics within the brand content studio universe. Ben, a former MTV producer is the president of NGL Studios, the content studio for LatinX agency, NGL Collective.  NGL Collective (which stands for “New Generation Latino”) includes an agency that works with star-powered brands like Ford, Moutain Dew, P&G and US Army to name a few. NGL Collective also owns several LatinX media publishing companies including Latina Moms and Hispanic Kitchen as well as their own proprietary programmatic platform.

I’m psyched to host Ben on this episode for a number of reasons. NGL Studios, in my opinion, represents a modern-day approach to the content studio – strategizing, creating and producing for clients, owned media properties, and original intellectual property.  Additionally, as many of our global conversations involve diversity and inclusion, we’re able to dive in to the US LatinX demographic, which is nearly 60 million people. 

Here are a few of the topics, Ben and I discuss on this episode:

  • How NGL Studios works within the larger agency.
  • The current state of brands’ perspectives on the LatinX audience.
  • The language misconception – why Spanish language is a small part of the equation.
  • Adapting production in a COVID-19 world and the birth of the NGL’s virtual studio.
  • What every brand needs to know to connect and engage with this powerful demographic.
  • Labels, mythbusting and the term “LatinX” vs “Latino” & “Hispanic”
  • The crystal ball look at the near future state of the brand content studio

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